Winches, Reels, Tow Cables and Deck Leads

Electric Winches for Streamers

Our winches and cable reels, build with the best quality materials, are lightweight and sturdy



The Streamers can be operated from manual cable reels or electrical winches, utilizing these equipment allows to deploy and recover streamers with ease, safely and without any danger for kinks.

The connection of the streamer to the Multi-Trace is done through a standard harting plug located at the peli case stored inside the drum. The connection between the peli case and the logging computer or acquisition server is done through a LAN cable.


Depending on the conditions and duration of the project, the cable reels can be welded, bolted or simply tied to the deck.


There are three electric winch models for streamers:

  • Medium streamer winch: handles the 48 ch (1+2 m) LW streamer;
  • Large streamer winch: handles the 48 ch (3.125 m) LW streamer and 96 ch (1 m) streamer;
  • 3D streamer winch: 2 drums carrying 2 x 48 ch (1 m).


  • Frame Hot dip galvanized
  • Frame shape stackable square box frame
  • Reel material Stainless steel
  • Mode of operation Remote control with selectable speed
  • Dimensions in cm (L x W x H) Medium: 131 x 99 x 139
    Large: 140 x 120 x 150
    3D: 131 x 140 x 139
  • Weight while empty (kg) Medium: 300
    Large: 350
    3D: 500
  • Gear motor power (kW) 0.55
  • RPM (out) 6/8
  • Power 360 V/16 A

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