Winches, Reels, Tow Cables and Deck Leads

Manual Cable Reels for HV Tow Cables

Our winches and cable reels, build with the best quality materials, are lightweight and sturdy



The High Voltage cables can be operated from manual cable reels or electrical winches, utilizing these equipment allows to deploy and recover the high voltage cables with ease, safely and without any danger for kinks.

The Pulsed Power Supply is connected to the cable reel or winch by a 25 m deck lead, the cable reel or winch handles the high voltage cable, which is connected to the source.


  • Frame Hot dip galvanized
  • Frame shape Light weight triangular frame
  • Reel material Stainless steel
  • Mode of operation Manual
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 115 cm x 75 m x 121 cm
  • Weight 100 kg

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