High Voltage Power Supplies

Geo-Spark 2000 XFO

Spark up your hi-res seismic survey with innovating negative discharge technology.



The difference is made by the unique concept of the Geo-Spark power supply, which is designed for a very fast, extremely powerful, NEGATIVE, High Voltage discharge of 5.6 kV up to 20 kA.

It is this electric “punch” which makes the difference in the powerful acoustic pulse, that provides utmost resolution and penetration.


By using the Geo-Spark power supplies, the electrode tip-wear is reduced to practically zero. Finally, the acoustic signature does not degrade anymore, which still happens as the old-fashioned electrodes are quickly burning away.With the Geo-Spark, there is no more need for tedious electrode trimming, there are no more electrode consumables and no more interruptions in the survey work. This means that you are saving a lot of time and money. Our so-called PRESERVING ELECTRODE MODE will give you continuously good quality data, day after day, month after month, year after year….It is almost boring…


The Geo-Spark signature consists typically of the very strong explosive pulse (CF>1000 Hz), which provides the very high resolution, followed by the implosive pulse (CF<750 Hz), which achieves the penetration. The High Power Geo-Spark Systems have a

proven track record of successful use in prestigious Oceanographic Research Programs - check out our gallery for great examples.


All internal initializing and safety procedures are microprocessor-controlled and the current system status can be monitored via a comprehensive LCD display and a series of LED’s. This provides straightforward system control which basically is limited to the following actions:

  • switching on/off the system;

  • selecting capacitance and voltage;

  • advertising operational parameters;

  • activating/deactivating the HV generation.

Operational Features

  • From near-shore studies in shallow water depths to hundreds of meters water depth environment.
  • Provides energy to the 200 and 400 tips sparkers Geo-Sources (marine and freshwater) and even the 300-500 Geo-Boomer.
  • It is the ultimate solution to work in line for UHRS 3D surveys.
  • The energy can be easy extended to 7000 J by acquiring a 5000 J extension.


  • - Site & route surveys
  • - Offshore engineering
  • - Mineral exploration
  • - Sand searches
  • - Oceanographic research


  • Dimensions (cm) & Weight 70 (L) x 50 (W) x 45 (H) for 95 kg
  • Mains Power 220-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 16 A
  • High Voltage ~5600 V for real acoustic punch
  • Energy output selectable from 100 to 2000 J
  • Operational depth 2 - 500 m
  • HV charging capability 2000 J / sec
  • Other remarkable features Indestructible 25 kA -5.6 kV discharge Thyristor
    Very high dI/dT, NO electrical oscillations
    Fully ground-referenced, 100 % safe
    Humidity and Temperature protection
    State-of-the-art micro-processor based control and monitoring system
  • Recommended sources Geo-Source 200 (marine and freshwater)
    Geo-Source 400 (marine and freshwater)
    Geo-Boomer 300-500

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